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Who Can See Hidden Comments on Instagram?

Who can see hidden comments on instagram? The company has added an additional privacy option to help people exercise more control over their interactions with other users. It’s called hidden comments, and when enabled, will hide offensive, spammy, or otherwise problematic comments from anyone outside of the post owner and the commenter. Instagram says that this can result in a “meaningful decrease in negative interactions” in the comments section of posts and Stories.

How do you hide a comment?

It’s important to note that hiding comments on instagram will only prevent other users from seeing them, but they will still be counted in the overall number of views and engagements for a post. Additionally, the platform’s algorithm still evaluates comments based on their content, context, and user behavior. It also uses the account’s relationship to other users to consider whether or not a comment violates its community guidelines.

To see hidden comments, a user must first login to their Instagram account and then go to the post or story they want to view. On the bottom of that post, there will be a link that reads View hidden comments. To unhide a comment, the commenter must tap unhide on that same page.

The new feature is available to all Instagram accounts with a profile photo and at least one follower. The company has also announced that it will expand its nudge warnings for commenters who repeatedly try to post offensive things. It will prompt them more frequently to think before they make a harmful or negative comment, in the hopes that it can encourage people to avoid making these types of comments in the future.

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