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motorcycle helmets nz

Motorcycle helmets are an essential part of your biker kit. Choosing the right one is essential. Don’t let a prestigious brand name or price tag fool you into buying a bad helmet. Instead, look for an identifying mark from an internationally recognized accrediting body, such as the British Standards Institution (BSI), SAI Global, or TUV Rheinland. These brands adhere to the highest standards in terms of safety.

Helmets Designed For High Speeds

The quality of road helmets in New Zealand has to meet strict safety standards. However, crash performance varies widely among approved models. Tests done by the UK Transport Research Laboratory, which publishes the results online, have revealed that open-face helmets are significantly less safe than full-face helmets. Furthermore, these helmets also tend to restrict peripheral vision, and may cause cold-related skin conditions. Motorcycle helmets NZ should be worn correctly to protect you and your friends.

Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd is a company founded in 1982. They manufacture motorcycle helmets, fire, rescue, sports, and ATV helmets. The company has more than 36 years of experience in the design and manufacture of premium safety helmets and is committed to exceeding international standards. The company’s commitment to product quality is reflected in their unwavering focus on safety. The team at Pacific Helmets NZ Ltd is dedicated to innovation, and their commitment to quality products shows.

In addition to the quality of a helmet, its fit is also important. While many people buy an overpriced sports bike helmet, the best helmets will fit your head perfectly. While sports bike helmets are very expensive, they are also well-suited for motorcycles. They should be designed for your specific type of motorcycle, such as a dirt bike or a sport bike. Good helmets should offer serious ventilation, aerodynamics, and a sealed visor. They should also offer a high level of impact and abrasion protection. Lastly, be sure to check for the ECE standard.

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