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Influencing Factors That Influence Conveyancing Costs

Whether you are buying or selling your next home, transferring property ownership or making changes to your existing properties, engaging a conveyancer is crucial to ensure a smooth and legally sound process. However, when it comes to property conveyancing costs in Melbourne there are a number of factors that influence pricing. This article aims to shed light on these influences and give you an understanding of what to expect when it comes to hiring a conveyancer for your next property transaction.

Can I do my own conveyancing in Victoria?

The cost of a conveyancing costs in Melbourne can vary depending on a number of variables including the complexity of the transaction, property type and the level of experience of your conveyancer. For example, a conveyance for an apartment will be more complex than a single residential home as there are many additional considerations such as zoning requirements, council restrictions and planning permissions.

Additionally, the level of experience and reputation of your conveyancer may also impact the pricing of their services. Choosing an inexperienced conveyancer to save money may end up costing you in the long run, for example by failing to conduct important searches that could reveal hidden defects on your future property or result in you being “gazumped” by another buyer.

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