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How to Make Graffiti Stickers Custom

Whether you’re a graffiti stickers custom or just a fan of street art, stickers custom are an easy way to spread the word about your work. Plus, they’re much lighter to carry around than a bunch of spray paint bottles. Here are some great ways to use graffiti stickers to your advantage:

What are TikTok stickers?

One of the most popular uses for graffiti and street art stickers is to “sticker bomb” objects, surfaces and vehicles. This is done to promote images, messages and identities, or simply to make objects more interesting to look at. It is a form of art that has been widely embraced in recent years, and many artists and brands have incorporated it into their advertising campaigns.

The first step in sticker bombing is to trace your design on a piece of paper, taking care to pay attention to the details and make sure that your outline is clean and crisp. Once you’ve finished tracing, it’s time to ink the design. Depending on the style you’re working in, this can be as simple as drawing over your pen or marker lines with a sharp pencil, or it can be as complicated as adding shading and additional elements to your sketch.

Once the inking is complete, it’s time to add color. While it’s important to choose the right colors, it’s also crucial to have enough stickers to fully cover the surface you’re sticker bombing. Vinyl stickers are typically the best choice for this purpose, as they’re more durable than paper and don’t fade as quickly in outdoor environments. However, paper stickers can be used in some scenarios, such as on personal items like cars and laptops.

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