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Duct Lifters For Sale

Genie USA has a full range of duct lifters on sale. Genie Duct Lifts is constructed from aluminium alloys, which are very strong. These lifters offer flexible movement for the type of duct, from single-ended to dual-ended. Genie Duct Lifts has a variety of different duct lifters available for sale.

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What is Duct Lifters?

The Genie lifters come with a one year Australia wide manufacturer’s warranty and are extremely durable for commercial use. The lifter has a full overlay system including lifter bumpers, slip plate, locking cam lever and spring compression system to provide maximum reliability. All of the Genie lift parts are designed to be extremely rugged and reliable. The installation of the lifter is easy even for the do-it-yourself types. The warranty will cover everything that is defective or broken in the lift.


For homeowners, the advantages of installing a duct ladder is that it provides a more convenient, safe and efficient method of accessing the ducts in your home or office. There is no need to worry about heavy or large ladders blocking the way as the Genie Duct Ladders is very slim and very light. They can be used almost anywhere. In addition, since they are so portable, you can take them along when you move from one part of your house to another.

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