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Arlo Ramsey is a computer engineer and entrepreneur from Switzerland who is currently running Swiss Classic Free AP, a revolutionary app that allows users to listen to radio stations around the world for free. Arlo grew up in a small village in the countryside of Switzerland and developed an interest in computers early on. He studied computer science at ETH Zurich, one of the leading universities in Europe for engineering and technology, and graduated with honors in 2020.

After graduating, Arlo started up his own software company which specialized in developing web-based applications. One of his biggest successes was Swiss Classic Free AP which he launched in 2021. This innovative new platform allowed users to access thousands of radio stations from all over the world without having to pay any subscription fees or sign up for any contracts. The app quickly became very popular among users across Europe who enjoyed its easy access to music from all genres and countries.

In addition to running Swiss Classic Free AP, Arlo also works as an independent consultant providing advice and guidance on web application development projects for other companies looking to get into the business. As an experienced computer scientist, he has helped dozens of businesses get their products off the ground which has resulted in considerable success for them as well as him personally.

Throughout his career, Arlo has remained passionate about technology and its possibilities for making life easier through automation. His ambition is to continue developing products that help people access information quickly and easily no matter where they are located on the planet.

Arlo’s passion for technology and automation also extends to his personal life. He is an avid explorer who loves traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures. He is also an avid reader, having read hundreds of books throughout his life from both the fiction and non-fiction genres. In addition, he has a deep appreciation for art and music, often attending concerts or visiting galleries when he has the time.