Day: June 6, 2023

The Basics of Pest ControlThe Basics of Pest Control

Infestations of pests, such as insects, rodents, and disease vectors, can damage plants, crops, property, and even people. Pest control 911 Exterminators involves using a variety of strategies to eliminate or prevent these problems. Pests may be controlled by biological, chemical, or physical means. Biological methods include the use of natural enemies, such as parasites and predators, to reduce pest populations. Chemical controls include the use of toxic substances such as herbicides and insecticides. Physical controls include traps, barriers, and fences to exclude or confine pests. Altering the environment can also be used to control pests, such as through irrigation or modification of sunlight or humidity.

What are two specific pest control approaches?

Preventive measures are generally the first line of defense against pests. They can be as simple as reducing clutter inside or outside the home to provide fewer places for pests to hide or breed. This can include storing clothing and linens in sealed containers to protect them from moths or to remove nesting sites for mice and rats. Regularly removing trash and cleaning garbage cans will help keep pests like flies, ants, and cockroaches away. It is important to use a garbage can with a tight lid.

Exterior steps to prevent pests from entering include placing screens over vents, repairing doors and windows, and keeping woodpiles, mulch, and firewood away from the house. Routinely inspecting the foundation, siding, and roof for cracks and gaps is also a good idea. Filling these with copper mesh, coarse steel wool, or mortar can prevent pests from gaining entry into the home.


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